Tip and Roll Aluminum Bleachers can Save the Day When Those Perennial Losers Turn into a Dream Team

  When it comes to celluloid heroes, portable tip and roll aluminum bleachers may be overlooked as the unsung stars of all those basketball movies such as Hoosiers, Space Jam, He Got Game and Blue Chips. Why? Because when those raggedy, out-of-shape, bullied players led by that down-on-his luck coach make their comeback and start filling those.. read more →

Aluminum Bleachers can Cause Injuries – Consumer Commission Recommends Replacing Rather than Retrofitting – Consider Bleachers with Safer Guardrails

According to a study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, old and worn wooden bleachers and metal bleachers can be hazardous and should be replaced with more modern seating such as aluminum bleachers with adequate guardrails. In their research, the CPSC found that from 1991 to 1999 there were reportedly 19,100 injuries related to bleachers.. read more →

Bleachers at Wrigley Field Might not be Ready in Time but at AluminumBleachers.com they can be Shipped in Just Three Days

Horror of horrors. At least that is what it is going to feel like for some Chicago Cubs fans when they find out their newly renovated ball field might not be ready for opening day April 5, 2015. Maybe the team should have purchased aluminum bleachers from AluminumBleachers.com. No athletic director or site manager wants.. read more →

Don’t Blame the Aluminum Bleachers if You’re Cold. Here are a few Tips on How to Stay Warm During a Football Game

If your body is chilled like a snow cone during a football game this winter season, don’t curse at the aluminum bleachers. Bleachers as you can imagine, are a necessity. But there are several ways fan can cope with the cold and enjoy the game. If you know what to do. And if anybody knows.. read more →

City has Gritty History of Pitching in to Buy Aluminum Bleachers and Artificial Turf to Create Crown Jewel of Stadium

It’s a story about a city getting together and raising money for aluminum bleachers that you probably won’t see on ESPN. But it’s a story that is repeated in thousands of cities and towns across the country driven by millions of die-hard football fans. Erie, Pennsylvania is just one example. Dan Brabender recently wrote a.. read more →

Aluminum Bleachers and Buying Tips are Now Easy to Find with Website Upgrade

Aluminum bleachers are now easier than ever to review and acquire with the new look and navigation of Aluminumbleachers.com, a provider of quality seating for fans since 2001. “We changed our site to make the process of buying aluminum bleachers as simple as possible,” said Scott Averbach, VP of Marketing for Highland Products Group. “The.. read more →

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