5 Row Aluminum Bleachers

Item # Length Price
AB-129-1106 15'L $2911 / ea
AB-129-1107 21'L $3826 / ea
AB-129-1108 27'L $4716 / ea
AB-129-1268 33'L $6026 / ea

The 5-Tier Aluminum Bleachers offers strength and durability while providing maximum density seating. All of our bleachers are manufactured to meet 2012 IBC standards – meaning that these bleachers will meet every code compliance standard in the world. They are a great solution for indoor, outdoor, and commercial use. We manufacture our bleachers the highest quality aluminum materials.

Our 5-row bleachers are designed to sit on a flat, solid surface to optimize comfort and maximize safety.

Seating capacity varies from 50-110 people depending on the length of bleacher ordered. These bleachers consist of 5 rows and come in standard widths of 15′, 21′, 27′ and 33′.

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