10 Feb 2020

Aluminum Bleachers Added In Unique Spaces By Thinking Outside The Box

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aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers offer versatility when it comes to adding spectator seating to unique spaces.

There are always ways to incorporate additional Aluminum Bleachers into your venue or building plans to enhance your seating needs.

Aluminum bleachers are a quick and easy way to provide safe, low maintenance seating.

They are versatile, available in multiple row and capacity configurations, and can be offered in stationary, tip and roll, or transportable options to meet specific needs.

But you may feel that even though you could use more seating space once in a while, you’re already using all of your available space, and there’s just no way to incorporate any more bleachers into your plans.

Think again.

By thinking outside the normal bleacher installation box, you can add aluminum bleacher configurations that fit your unique needs and at the same time add personality to your venue.

Bleachers Where You Least Expect Them

With a little bit of imagination, sports bleachers can be installed in places where there seems to be no room available.

For example, back in the1960s, former owner of the Kansas City Athletics Charlie Finley demonstrated this in a series of stadium changes that put his unorthodox bleacher installation in Municipal Stadium in the spotlight.

After determining that his home field was not conducive to the team’s strengths, Finley decided to reconfigure the outfield walls so that the foul lines stayed within league guidelines, but the outfield walls turned toward the field in a concave shape.

Besides making it easier for his team to hit home runs, along with the other teams as he quickly realized, he installed temporary bleachers behind that concave part that would normally have been in the field of play under the old configuration.

By thinking outside the aluminum bleacher box, meaning preconceptions that bleachers have to be installed in a standard pattern and location, he was able to add about 100 seats for fans that wouldn’t have been able to see the games otherwise.

Considered a forward-thinking pioneer, he even made some of those traditionally lower-priced bleacher seats into premium seats for the Athletics’ games.

Unfortunately, those that didn’t consider him a pioneer included American League President Joe Cronin and Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick. The changes were deemed unacceptable and had to be removed. The added bleachers remained, however, showing the value of adding additional bleacher seating to a stadium or venue.

Adding Aluminum Bleachers Provide Spectators An Experience

That value of aluminum bleacher seating was also demonstrated at a Richmond, Indiana High School as well.

Their motorized gym bleachers were very dated, but also well known in the surrounding area, so finding a solution was a major consideration when the motors finally decided to give out altogether.

The school Superintendent and board took part in long and ongoing discussions about how to preserve their iconic bleacher setup and configuration.

They discussed all economical solutions, including refurbishing those motors to retain their historical bleacher history.

But after considering lifespan and current and future maintenance needs, the decision was made to replace those bleachers with new customized, telescopic aluminum bleachers.

The superintendent felt it was the fiscally responsible solution to move forward, especially being able to meet both the athletic department needs as well as the needs of the entire school system.

While they couldn’t provide the same amount of seating as those old motorized bleachers, the customized new bleachers instilled a new spirit in the gym, with red bleacher covers and black handrails to reflect the school colors.

When these bleachers are folded in, their school logos will be proudly on display, further branding their team and school.

Aluminum Bleachers For Multi-Use Environments

Enjoying an experience from aluminum bleachers isn’t limited to sporting events.

Aluminum bleachers are the perfect spot to sit with like-minded spectators to view events like livestock shows, music events, RV and sports shows, monster truck rallies, fairs, festivals, parades, rallies, graduation and commencement ceremonies, and more.

These are the types of events that led the folks in Muskogee, Oklahoma to renovate a couple of old airplane hangars and increase their value and usefulness by adding portable aluminum bleachers.

With endless options for setup, configuration and sightline orientation, the addition of portable aluminum bleachers means having the option to provide seating, gathering, and resting spaces for up to 650 visitors.

This renovation, including the aluminum bleacher additions, has met with such success that it didn’t take long for talks to turn to the second phase of construction with even more portable bleachers in the plans.

Creating Spaces By Adding Aluminum Bleachers

Think you don’t have space for any bleachers at all?

Neither did a parish in Lawrence Kansas until they were exposed to the possibilities and resourcefulness of having portable aluminum bleachers.

By purchasing and installing portable aluminum bleachers, the gymnasium associated with the parish now has the option to be split in half when needed, accommodating simultaneous practices, games, meetings, or organizational events.

Separate spaces house the reception areas and a full-size catering kitchen. With the versatility of portable aluminum bleachers and imaginative solutions, the parish can address their seating needs for any parish or neighborhood-related event that they host.

Aluminum Bleachers Are Your Choice For Seating Versatility

It’s easy, economical and value-conscious to add aluminum bleachers to your venue too, especially portable aluminum bleachers.

A great advantage of using portable aluminum bleachers is their ease of use, installation, movement, and storage.

Portable aluminum bleachers can be used, moved and relocated to any area where additional seating is needed. They’re the perfect choice when you host special events that will draw greater than average attendance like yearly rivalry games or games played against teams known to have a large traveling fan base.

They not only improve capacity, but they allow for improved sightlines as well, being able to be positioned for optimal viewing of the game or event happening on the field.

Portable bleachers are easy to install, being able to be assembled on the exact spot where they will be best used.

They can then be left up or disassembled and safely stored to be ready for the next heavily attended event, saving space yet being available when needed.

Give us a call if you have a special project. We also build custom aluminum bleachers and will provide free layouts to help accommodate any space.

By Gerald Dlubala

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