Aluminum bleachers with ramp for wheelchair access.

ADA Bleachers Provide Wheelchair Access To Those With Disabilities

ADA bleachers that comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act should be on the checklist for any facility that adds aluminum bleachers. Talk to the bleacher experts at We know all about ADA bleachers and can provide seating with wheelchair access and companion seats. In addition, our bleachers can be installed with ramps, walkways, and handrails. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, new facilities must be “accessible to people with disabilities so they, their families and friends can enjoy equal access to entertainment, recreation, and leisure.” This also means that all sightlines for wheelchair spaces must be equal to viewing angles for spectators in general

Check with local and state planning offices for their specific ADA requirements. Access does include the ability for people with disabilities to reach parking areas, restrooms, concession stands and other areas as well.

Generally, wheelchair accessible spaces are required based on the following:

Number of seats

  • 4 – 25 – one wheelchair space
  • 26 – 50 – two wheelchair spaces
  • 51 – 150 – four wheelchair spaces
  • 151 – 300 – five wheelchair spaces
  • 301 – 500 – six wheelchair spaces
  • 501 – 5000 – six wheelchair spaces, plus 1 for each 150, or fraction thereof, between 501 and 5000

Call us at 1-877-960-0568 or email us at [email protected]. We offer ADA bleachers for sale that can help you meet state and local requirements and we also offer custom design services for special accommodations.




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