11 Dec 2014

Bleachers at Wrigley Field Might not be Ready in Time but at AluminumBleachers.com they can be Shipped in Just Three Days

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Wrigley Field undergoes $575 million renovation – Photo by Rdikeman

Horror of horrors. At least that is what it is going to feel like for some Chicago Cubs fans when they find out their newly renovated ball field might not be ready for opening day April 5, 2015. Maybe the team should have purchased aluminum bleachers from AluminumBleachers.com.

No athletic director or site manager wants to be in the dire position of not having seats ready for fans, no matter if it is a major league baseball team or the local lacrosse team.

Aluminumbleachers.com has THE solution – we can quick ship several of our bleacher products in just three days. Three days!

Those quick delivery times might have been a relief for the Chicago Cubs and their $575 million renovation project called The 1060 Project at the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field.

Because right now, according to news reports, it looks like the owners and management are going to be in the unenviable position of having to explain to fans that there are no seats for them. That includes season ticket holders as well.

You have to give the team some leeway. Apparently the weather, which became unseasonably frigid in Chicago before it was supposed to be seasonally frigid, has caused delays. A team spokesman said they did make contingencies for weather conditions.

Then there were design changes. That happens. Revisions will cause delays if you are changing plans mid-construction.

Then there was the issue of a water pipe nearby. Turns out the water pipe was old and antiquated and the issue must be resolved by the City of Chicago. This probably came as a surprise to city officials and was not something for which they were ready. So the Cubs need to wait for those repairs.

aluminum bleachers

Quick ship three-day shipping available for some aluminum bleachers

Now, if Wrigley Field ordered 3-row bleachers, or 4-row bleachers or even our 3-row tip and roll bleachers from AluminumBleachers.com, they would have had them in just three days. Of course, their bleachers will be much larger. But don’t scoff at a 4-row aluminum bleacher – it can accommodate up to 72 people.

We do have other sizes such as 5 row aluminum  bleachers, 10 row aluminum bleachers and 15 roll aluminum bleachers which can seat from 154 to 274 people.

A great option to always consider is tip and roll aluminum bleachers. These things can be wheeled around, both indoors and outdoors, to handle crowds wherever they might be congregating.

Maybe the Cubs should order a bunch of tip and roll bleachers and scoot them around the infield depending on where the fans want to sit and how many fans show up. Just kidding.

Seriously, stuff happens to all of us and we wish the Chicago Cubs management all the best in completing their project. We’re sure the delays will all be forgotten when fans enjoy the extra 300 seats and 300 new standing room positions that will be added. Wrigley Field will also install new outfield signs including a tremendous 3,990-square foot video board in left field and a 2,400-square-foot video board in right field.

There will be a new 30,000-square-foot concession area and the players will benefit from a 30,000-square-foot clubhouse that is three times the current size. Even the umps will get a new room.

All these changes will add new modern amenities to the venerated landmark while preserving the historical features of what is certainly one of the greatest and loved stadiums in the United States.

For local park, school and event facilities managers, keep in mind the quick ship abilities of Aluminbumbleachers.com.

We can hit it out of the ballpark when it comes to delivery times and get aluminum bleachers to you in the speed of fastball. Three-day shipping is certainly unheard of in the industry. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff will assist you to make sure your facility is ready for a smooth, trouble-free, opening day.

To see our larger 15 row aluminum bleachers click here.

To read about the 1060 Project to expand the Wrigley Field bleacher section go here.



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  1. Wow…$575 million is what I call a huge facelift


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