Kyle Field at Texas A&M is the Most Expensive Stadium in College Sports with $485 Million in Renovations

While you sit on the aluminum bleachers in your town watching your son play high school football, you might hope he gets accepted to Texas A & M. Not to your benefit as a parent, but as a spectator. Because after $485 million in renovations, Aggieland’s Kyle Field stadium is now the most expensive stadium.. read more →

New Florida Atlantic University Football Stadium Elevates School to New Level

A football stadium doesn’t have to a billion-dollar behemoth to be a first-class facility. Take the Florida Atlantic University football stadium in Boca Raton, Fla. It’s a blue and green jewel in the city and the only stadium in the country with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. The stadium in a word, is spectacular… read more →

Drones Banned at Sporting Events by High School Athletic Organization

Imagine sitting on a set of 15 row aluminum bleachers watching your son’s football game or your daughter’s soccer match and a drone appears in the sky. “Well, that’s kind of cool,” you might think. Right up until it falls on your head. For this reason, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association recently banned drones.. read more →

How to Attract Sponsors for Elevated Aluminum Bleachers or Other Stadium Improvements

Local sports teams always struggle when it comes to upgrading their facilities whether its to add a new set of elevated aluminum bleachers or to replace an outdated scoreboard. But one encouraging statistic in this challenging batter’s box is the incredible rise of corporate sponsorships in America for high-profile stadium naming rights. Corporate America has.. read more →

Top 20 Largest Stadiums in the US

There’s home team advantage and then there’s home team advantage.  When your team can pack just about every living creature in town into a gigantic stadium, there’s going to be quite a bit of noise. Here’s a list of the Top 20 Largest Stadiums in the US (all football, by the way). These mega arenas.. read more →

For NFL Training Camps There’s More Going on Than Watching Practice from Aluminum Bleachers

It’s summer time. It’s hot. For many it’s time for the beach. But for more and more die-hard football fans, it’s time to trek to the aluminum bleachers at training camp for their favorite NFL team. Attendance at NFL training camps across the country is growing.  To accommodate that off-season interest from fans, teams are.. read more →

City and School Officials at Odds Over Addition of Aluminum Bleacher

When you install a large-size aluminum bleacher, some times there might be an issue about whether everyone in the area will approve of the new addition. One might think, who would object to more fans rooting for their local team? But unfortunately, there’s a lawsuit going on in Illinois over the size of bleachers at.. read more →

As Cubs Fans Finally get their Bleachers, be Sure your Aluminum Bleachers Meet ICC Requirements

You have to give the Chicago Cub fans credit. To think there would ever be an opening season when outfield bleachers were not available, the fans would go ballistic. But with the multi-million renovation of Wrigley Field underway, Cubbie fans remained patient as they were excited about the new additions to the venerable stadium, such.. read more →

Aluminum Bleachers Included in Smithsonian “Hometown Teams” Traveling Exhibit

Sitting on aluminum bleachers and rooting for your local team is a scene played out across America thousands of times a week. The Friday night football game. The Wednesday afternoon volleyball match. The Saturday morning soccer game. It’s all part of Americana. To honor this tradition, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service produced an exhibit.. read more →

Aluminum Bleachers are Another Example of a Highly-Recyclable Resource

Few people know this as they sit on aluminum bleachers and cheer on their local teams. But those shiny and sturdy grandstands are made with one of the most sustainable metals on Earth. When it comes to saving the planet, aluminum is one great resource. According to The Aluminum Association, using recycled aluminum saves more.. read more →

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