20 Jan 2016

Portable Aluminum Bleachers are a Great Way to Stretch Your Facility Dollars

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portable aluminum bleachers

Portable aluminum bleachers offer flexibility when it comes to seating.

When you have an open field, whether it’s at a school, event or park, that field is going to attract activity…and spectators. You want to provide a safe, sturdy place for them to sit. One smart option – portable aluminum bleachers.

What are they? One of the great properties of aluminum is that it is lightweight. (Also strong and durable). Basically portable bleachers are aluminum bleachers than can be towed around a facility. There is a bleacher tow kit available that is perfect for relocating a set of aluminum bleachers, from 5-row to 10-row. All you need is a small tractor, similar to a riding mower used to mow big lawns, with a tow hitch.

The kit comes with a set of wheels and an axle attachment. All you do is elevate the bleachers and insert the wheel units. Then you insert the wheel and axle assembly into the axle sleeve. A galvanized machine bolt is inserted into the axle to secure it. It’s actually a very simple process.

It’s critical to note that transportable bleacher tow kits can only be used on the grounds in one place. They are not meant to be transported over highways or roads. Maximum recommended speed is about 5 mph.

portable bleachers

Portable bleachers come with wheel and transport kits.

Here’s the amazing benefit of portable aluminum bleachers


With 10-row portable aluminum bleachers, you can literally create seating for 144 people. A smaller set of 5-row portable aluminum bleachers can hold 74 spectators. (By the way, the bleacher frame structure is reinforced so it can be moved).

5 row transportable aluminum bleachers

5-row portable bleachers

Think about it. Say you have a girls’ soccer game over there on Field A. Hook up the portable bleachers and immediately create a good-sized area for people to sit on.

Then perhaps you have a boys’ football game over there on Field B. Create instant seating with your movable aluminum bleachers.

Finally, there’s that big graduation ceremony that comes around every year. These portable aluminum bleachers are perfect for those situations. They are elevated, so people can see well. And, they are certainly much easier than setting up 144 folding chairs.

Portable bleachers are also great for county fairs, equestrian facilities, music venues, parks, etc. Any place that holds events in multiple locations. If you can’t afford to put aluminum bleachers at each location, get portable ones.

Another benefit is that perhaps one field is suffering from too much use and pedestrian traffic. Move the bleachers. Let that field recover before it turns into a pile of nasty dirt and mud.

Finally, stuff happens. Sometime you need to be flexible. Sometimesickly. Perhaps one field will not be ready on time. Or, there’s a water pipe break and an existing field for a big tournament is suddenly out of commission. With portable bleachers, you have the seating solution.

As facility managers can see, portable aluminum bleachers are a money and time-saving alternative to fixed seating when you have multiple seating needs. Aluminum is an incredible natural resource. Take advantage of it!

Note: All of our aluminum bleachers are 2012 IBC Compliant.




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