31 Aug 2016

Protecting Even the Wildest Fans in Stadium Bleachers

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bleacher creatures

Generally the loudest and rowdiest fans are in the stadium bleachers.

They generally refer to this group as “bleacher creatures” and while they may sit in the least expensive aluminum bleachers, in general they generate the most noise.

Take the left corner of Yankee Stadium where the most extreme fans sit—although they don’t do much sitting.

The section is dubbed the “bleacher creatures.” Rowdy fans? Check. Wild costumes? Check. Witty signs? Check. Loud cheers, heckling, and insults? Check, check, check.

At one point, Yankee Stadium even banned the sale of alcohol where the bleacher creatures sit. Of course, that didn’t stop the bleacher creature fans from sneaking in their own bottles and drinks. Their cheers include shouting “no fun allowed” when police punish wild fans, mocking those cheering for the opposing team, heckling nearby players in the field, and plenty of other edgy cheers and jeers.

The aluminum bleacher creatures aren’t alone in their fandom. Plenty of professional, local, and even high school sports teams have overly rambunctious fans.

Whether your stadium hosts high school or college sports like football, soccer, and baseball, or it has a variety of concerts and events, you’re bound to have excited fans jumping on your bleachers. The wrong bleachers will snap, break, chip, rust, warp, or get permanently damaged from all that pressure. With low quality seating, you have to constantly watch your guests and shout at them to stop them from jumping on the bleachers.

Nobody wants to ruin the fun like that.

Here’s an idea instead: get high quality bleachers that are made to withstand even the craziest of fans. Remember the bleacher creatures in Yankee Stadium? Pretend those are the guests at your stadium. Preparing for the most extreme fans will encourage you to get stronger and safer bleachers that can withstand whatever crazy antics your fans bring to your stadium.

If you are convinced that your fans aren’t rowdy enough for highly durable bleachers, remember that extreme weather, young toddlers, and even people going up the steps on the way to their seat can all damage low-quality bleachers.

Aluminum bleachers and safety tips

stadium bleachers construction

Stadium bleachers must comply with IBC standards to be considered safe for rowdy fans.

Consider the following quality measures when selecting the best bleachers for your stadium:

  • IBC compliance. The International Building Code is designed to keep guests safe; make sure your bleachers follow this code in their design.
  • Correct installation. Guests will depend on your guardrails and risers to keep them safe. Install and check your bleachers to make sure all parts are in working order.
  • Maintenance matters. Bleacher injury is actually very common. Maintain your footboards, stairs, planks, and seats to make sure cracking and damaged bleachers don’t cause an injury at your stadium.
  • Pick the best material. Aluminum is stronger and easier to maintain than traditional wooden bleachers.
  • Double check your new bleachers. You might think a new set of bleachers is damage-free and doesn’t require much maintenance. Actually, poorly finished bleachers can also cause damage. Make sure the welds are smooth and there are no gaps to trip guests or make them uncomfortable.

Purchasing and installing high quality aluminum bleachers that can handle extreme elements is much cheaper than replacing your worn-out wooden seats every few years. Whether your fans are young or old, quiet or rowdy, keep them safe with durable bleachers that are IBC compliant and sturdy.


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