15 Dec 2016

The Secret and Simple Formula on How to Clean Aluminum Bleachers

clean aluminum bleachers

The secret to cleaning aluminum bleachers is actually a very simple process.

Want to know the best way to clean aluminum bleachers?

First, keep in mind this is another reason why aluminum is such an incredible material.

For when your bleachers get grimy or dusty, perhaps covered in spilled food and soda or start to look rough in general, you really don’t need to go out and purchase any heavy-duty chemical cleaners or sprays.

In fact, industrial cleaners might actually harm the anodized finish.

So you want to know the magic formula to clean bleachers?

Soap and water.

That’s it. Nothing else. Plain and simple. Now, you may apply that soap and water with a pressure cleaner to make the job easier than scrubbing by hand or by a mop.

But soap and water are all you need. (At least for the quality bleacher seating products sold by Aluminum Bleachers.com).

Why is this so easy?

Because of anodizing. Anodizing is basically an electrochemical process that converts the surface of aluminum planks into a durable, corrosion-resistant oxide finish.

It’s not like paint or a finish. The anodizing takes place within the underlying aluminum substrate, so the actual surface of the metal is essentially enhanced. That enhancement prevents the metal from chipping or peeling.

Applying unnecessary chemicals could actually offset that perfect anodized process and harm the aluminum or create uneven splotches. Adding a chemical cleaner is just not necessary.

This is why aluminum is one of the most widely used building materials on the planet. You know the Sears Tower and the shiny exterior of the skyscraper – it’s made of aluminum. That’s certainly a testament to the durability of the metal under extreme conditions from a harsh sun to frigid lakefront winters.

Aluminum is also one of the favored materials for satellites – because it resists wear from UV rays and whatever weird space stuff is thrown at it.

You can’t say the same for wooden bleachers. That material has to be continually sanded, repainted and refurbished.

Even with all that effort, the sun, rain, ice and cold will just eventually wear the wood down and turn those bleachers into a splintered mess.

Yep, when it comes to athletic seating, aluminum bleachers are the champions. And all it takes is a little soap and water to get them ready for the next game.


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3 Responses to The Secret and Simple Formula on How to Clean Aluminum Bleachers
  1. Our local indoor hockey rink bleachers have not been cleaned for 2 years and they REALLY need to be. What brand of soap should I use and what is the ratio of water to soap? I just use a mop and bucket and a few days to get the job done? Thank you

    • If it’s a small spot we have always heard Eagle1 Aluminum Polish works well. For the entire structure, a pressure washer and standard automotive soap would work well. Think of it as washing a car. After all, those aluminum bleachers are metal, just like a car.

    • Eagle1 Aluminum Polish works well. Also using a pressure washer and standard automotive soap would work.


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