15 Aug 2019

Fall Sports Participation Demonstrates Value Of Aluminum Bleachers – Here Are The Numbers

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football players take the field

Football players take the field

The beginning of the high school fall sports season also means the beginning of the season for Aluminum Bleachers.

As the department stores begin to stock up on school supplies, the shoe stores come out with their annual deals on school shoes, and the local high school buildings across the nation start to wake up from their summer hibernation, the area athletic fields also get their wake-up call and become more active.

Fields are being expertly manicured and marked. Lights and public address systems are tested.

Concession stands get a thorough cleaning and maybe a bit of fresh paint where needed in preparation for the return of traditional fall sports and their rowdy, bleacher-stomping fans.

The games will be starting soon, as evidenced by the organized, late summer practices held in front of, for now, mostly empty aluminum bleachers.

But soon, those bleachers will be filled with spirit-filled classmates, parents, siblings and neighborhood fans cheering on their favorite players wearing their favorite uniform playing their favorite sports, including football, soccer, and lacrosse.

Fall High School Sports Record Highest Participation Rates Among Students

And popular they are. The 2017 – 2018 High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations reinforces the fact that student athletic participation is highest in football, lacrosse, and soccer. With higher participation comes an increased demand for fields and complexes with available aluminum bleacher seating.

  • Football has historically been the crown jewel of high school sports and remains that way today. In fact, with a combined male (1,066,469), and female (2401) participation rate of over one million (1,068,870) among reporting schools, football is likely the original reason that many high schools have already installed or are planning to install and revise aluminum bleachers. Games played in front of football-crazed fans packed in the aluminum bleachers on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons have become the norm in many communities. In unison, the fans can be heard chanting, cheering, clapping and stomping, summoning success for their team (and perhaps their alma mater). Whether they are parents, siblings, relatives, fellow students, neighbors, nearby residents, or other coaches looking to gain an edge, these spectators quickly transform the sheen and reflection of aluminum bleachers into a sea of color all rooting for a common cause.
  • Soccer is ever-growing, as evidenced by the explosive growth of Major League Soccer (MLS). Soccer is one of the easiest sports to start playing, with minimal investment in gear and apparel needed. Soccer has increasingly become a high participation, balanced sport among both male (456,382) and female (390,482) high school athletes. Complemented by the US Women’s National Team’s record-breaking fourth World Cup championship, soccer in the United States is poised to continue its popularity and growth, translating to increased soccer fields, spectatorship, and demand for aluminum bleacher seating.
  • Lacrosse is a latecomer to the high school scene but is gaining popularity among both male (113,313) and female (96,904) high school athletes attending schools with lacrosse availability. With numbers increasing every year, lacrosse, like soccer, will demand an increase in field availability and aluminum bleacher seating to accommodate both league games and practice sessions.

Fall Sports Leagues Need Aluminum Bleachers For Spectators

aluminum bleachers outdoors

More venues are finding its smarter and more organized to use bleachers for events rather than lawn seating.

Fall sports have always been big, and they’re expanding each year. With this expansion, complex managers need to head into fall with adequate aluminum bleachers to accommodate every fan that wants to attend.

Fall high school sports are a tradition for the student-athletes, but that tradition doesn’t stop there. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends all want to be there for the game, and they expect to be able to watch the action from safe, secure, code-compliant aluminum bleachers.

But aluminum bleachers have many other uses on game and practice days. Hosting spectators may be the main function, but they are home for other game-related functions as well.

How many times have we sat in the bleachers and watched the antics of the mascot, or cheered in unison with the school cheerleaders?

Cheerleaders play to the bleacher crowds, entertaining and engaging the fans in the bleachers with synchronized routines, acrobatics, and well-rehearsed dances to raise excitement and anticipation levels. Their focus is on the spectators and their game time experience, all made possible from the aluminum bleacher seating.

School bands are a mainstay during the high school sports experience, using the bleachers as their home base. They’re tasked with getting spectators in game-day mode, providing pregame, halftime, and in-game entertainment.

Aluminum bleachers give high school bands a place to congregate and provide value to the fans by building emotion and spirit through well-timed musical accents and added emphasis with the cheers led by cheerleaders.

That emotion can overflow on some game days. Aluminum bleachers serve as a commonplace for parents and families to join together to celebrate special moments like Senior Days and Homecoming Games.

Adequate, safe, and reliable bleacher seating is a must for these types of special-purpose games.

Parents, photographers, and even band members must be able to move smoothly between the bleacher seating and field. When emotions are high and families unite for a once-in-a-lifetime reason, the last thing any complex manager or athletic director wants to worry about is if they’ll be able to accommodate all of the families, friends, and fans that want to attend the game and be able to view the event from great sightlines.

Quality, code-compliant aluminum bleachers with required railings, guards, stairs, and egress routes ensure that special family moments remain memorable for all the right reasons.

Adequate Bleacher Seating Is Smart, Fast And Easy

Properly constructed and installed aluminum bleachers provide fans and complex managers seating that is available, accommodating, inviting, secure and reliable, leaving the outcome on the field as the only question mark.

While being the main gathering point for games and special moments on the field, aluminum bleachers are the optimal place to anticipate, cheer, yell, stomp and associate with friends and family while enjoying the event on the field.

Combined with their ability to handle mass seating needs, economical cost, low maintenance, exceptional durability and resistance to weather, aluminum bleachers prove to be an exceptional value.

Perhaps most of all in the fall, when well over a million high school athletes will be back out on that field, with all of their families and friends looking for those aluminum bleacher seats to cheer them on.

By Gerald Dlubala


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