07 Oct 2019

Players Benches Add Consistency And Usefulness To Your Sports Complexes

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Players Benches made with top-grade aluminum and anodized mill finished seat planks

Adding team or player aluminum players benches to your sports complex or stadium complete the aesthetics of the venue while also providing secondary benefits that may not be so obvious.

It’s a natural reaction when getting situated in aluminum bleachers that the spectator stands up, turns toward the field and takes in the view.

Whether it’s a child’s weekend game, a highly anticipated high school rivalry, a hotly contested college gameday or a non-competitive event like a concert, speaker presentation, or an awards celebration, as a spectator you like to look around to take in the view and get caught up in the excitement.

The best venues, complexes, and stadiums all have the amenities, support structures, concessions, gathering areas and restrooms clearly marked and professionally blended in with the landscape and design of the field or complex.

One way to finish the look and give the field one seamless look of consistency both from the view of the spectators and the on-field personnel is to add aluminum players and team benches manufactured and installed from the same quality knowledgeable bleacher supplier.

With a qualified supplier of aluminum bleachers like us, you can count on our company to provide the same high standard, safeguards and aesthetics as your code compliant, safety rated aluminum bleachers.

Team benches are an important part of any stadium, venue or sports complex.

Just as quality aluminum bleachers are provided for your safety, security, and comfort, allowing maximum viewing angles and enjoyable experience, players benches keep all on-field, team personnel remain organized in one area that is designated to be a safe distance away from the on-field action.

Aluminum team and players’ benches provide an immediately recognizable place for coaches, players, and all related auxiliary personnel to be when not on the field.

Players Benches Complement Your Complex

  • Players need breaks. Physical activity requires a break to recover, and there’s no better way to allow your players to do that than to provide quality, comfortable, well-made aluminum benches for them right on the sidelines.
  • Your team wears colors signifying their allegiance. You follow suit, incorporating those colors into your attire at the game. The band displays team colors in their uniforms and sometimes their instruments. Cheerleaders, dance squads and alumni are all proud to support their team by displaying the school colors in their dress. All related posters and game signs have the same color scheme incorporated, so why not ignite and continue to feed that passion with matching team-colored players benches, available in standard colors or custom colors to match your needs. Show your players that these benches are specially designed for them and their home field. While the visitor’s bench may be the traditional finished aluminum player bench, the home team will have the privilege of having players benches with team colors signifying that they are on their home field in front of aluminum bleachers packed with supporting family, friends, and fans.
  • Aluminum player and team benches are useful in multiple situations. Whether indoor, outdoor, on the field sidelines, courtside, poolside, in locker rooms or restrooms, placed within concession areas, along paths or trails, or anywhere that someone may need a few minutes of respite throughout the day or event, aluminum benches will be appreciated and welcomed.
  • Players benches can, and should, be obtained by the same knowledgeable, high-quality manufacturer that installed your aluminum bleachers so you retain the consistent look, quality, safety, code compliance and guarantee that you received from your aluminum bleacher manufacturer and installer.
  • Be sure your players’ benches are built with top-grade mill finish aluminum. The planks should have a clear, anodized finish. Joints welded using a professional and high-quality MIG process. And you want all exposed frame ends to be capped with cap plugs. The seat and backrest should be fitted with heavy-duty channel caps. Also, it’s best to use hot-dipped galvanized hardware that repels rust and corrosion.
  • By ordering your benches from a quality aluminum manufacturer, you are purchasing a safe product that is made in the US, supporting US companies and jobs.
  • Players benches are always in view, so installing quality manufactured benches will guarantee that the players, managers, coaches, and other team personnel will always have a safe and secure place to sit and rest during play stoppage, breaks, or while waiting for their time to get in on the action.
  • As a spectator or complex manager, you want quality manufactured aluminum benches instead of benches that are in disrepair, potentially dangerous to use, or just not useable at all, causing teams to stand for the event or asked to sit on the ground. Aluminum benches, just like bleachers, have a very long life span and can endure changes in temperature and constant exposure to UV rays.
backless players bench

Backless players bench.

Choose Quality Aluminum Player Benches To Meet Present And Future Needs

  • Players benches are available in portable models or permanent installation models depending on your budget and use requirements. Portable benches are ideal for moving to different venues at different times or seasonal needs. They can also be moved from indoor to outdoor, field to dugout, or even be grouped for use as extra seating for non-sporting events. Extra players benches can be used as field seating for spectators or families designated as game VIP’s or winners of seating contest or raffles.
  • Players benches are customizable to the length you require, as different sports require different numbers of players, both on the field and in reserve. Combined with auxiliary team personnel like managers, media, medical professionals, statisticians, and others, your bench needs can different than what standard models offer.
  • Players benches can be installed with or without backs, depending on preference. While deciding on portable vs permanent players benches, you can also get the backs in school colors to add some contrasting color, completing the field aesthetic and showcasing a true home field that will look great while providing the same low maintenance, high-quality long-lasting attributes as your aluminum bleachers.
  • Aluminum players benches are available with rounded edges for safety and comfort. No more nicks, cuts, scratches or snags during the continuous use that these benches will see.

When choosing aluminum player benches for your venue, look for quality materials from reputable manufacturers in the United States. Use experienced companies that are knowledgeable and have references in aluminum production. Supporting these types of companies means supporting American made products, jobs utilizing certified and licensed employees.

The Park Catalog offers aluminum players benches in a variety of styles, materials, and patterns in your choice of standard or custom colors, anodized aluminum seat planks, and backrests, and the option of permanent, portable, or surface mount to meet your needs and budget.

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