07 Mar 2019

Increases In Youth Baseball and Softball Participation Mean Increased Need For Quality Aluminum Bleachers

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aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers

Documented increases of youths participating in little league baseball and softball mean there are also more spectators and an increased need for more quality aluminum bleachers.

With more children and adults involved in these sports, both in an organized and casual way, more parents will be involved in team events, activities and practices.

Aluminum bleachers that are well-built provide a safe and enjoyable place for those families, parents, friends, and other spectators to stay, hang around, and enjoy the games and team related events.

A recent annual report by The Sports & Fitness Industry Association, a recognized and respected leader in sports participation research studies confirms that combined, little league baseball and softball rank as the team sports among youths with the greatest increases in participation levels.

This is welcoming news because leaders in baseball have been actively trying to increase youth participation within their sport for years.While previous gains have been modest, they can now claim a strong, five-year average increase in both casual and core participation. The best news is that the momentum is still growing.

Much of the credit has been given to MLB’s “Play Ball” initiative, launched in June of 2015 in conjunction with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, USA Baseball and USA Softball, aimed at getting our youth involved in baseball and softball, even if just on a casual basis.

Tom Cove, president and CEO of Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), says, “This is a critical moment for baseball. It’s an opportunity they haven’t seen in ten years. If you get people touching the baseball and enjoying it a little bit, then you have a better chance of capturing them.”

With MLB sponsored events like their Junior Home Run Derby and the popular Pitch, Hit and Run program, they give youths a chance to do just that – pick up a piece of equipment and enjoy using it in a fun atmosphere.

But you have to also recognize the effort of MLB baseball in sponsoring tournaments across the country while funding and building fields in underserved areas, giving those children a place to get together and play the game, either on an organized basis or on a more casual, pickup style form.

And while youth is encouraged to become more active overall, parents and family members are likewise encouraged to be more supportive through sponsored coaching and parenting events.

New aluminum bleachers are available with more options

There’s no better place to watch and be a part of all of this increased activity than from the comfort and close proximity of quality-manufactured aluminum bleachers.

Aluminum bleachers have always been the safest, most cost-effective way to provide mass seating, and with an increase in sports participation comes an increase in field demand and use.

Sometimes fields have to be split or divided to accommodate multiple teams or activities. Updated and code compliant aluminum bleachers, whether permanent, portable, or transportable, ensure the safety, security, and comfort of all the fans and spectators that want to be present at these events.

But aluminum bleachers can offer more than just a place to watch sporting events. They become a temporary home to a group of people with common interests and goals and can help build a community off the field as well as a tight youth community on the field.

Neighbors are introduced, friends are made, and while those participating youths are forming friendships and learning valuable life lessons through organized sports, the parents and families can be together and present in a bleacher setting while memories are made.

portable aluminum bleachers

Portable aluminum bleachers offer flexibility when it comes to seating.

Why should you install aluminum bleachers at your field?

  • First of all, think safety. International Building Code compliant bleachers are the standard, and will be safe no matter the age of user on them. Consideration is given to all of the details of the design elements, building and construction standards and safety requirements that make aluminum bleachers the safest seating choice.
  • Aluminum bleachers are great for crowd control. Because you have aluminum bleachers located at the best place to watch the action on the field, spectators won’t feel the need to haul their own chairs to the event or stand the whole time because there isn’t any place to sit. Fans and spectators will be in the bleachers where they belong, instead of standing or strolling along the sidelines, possibly causing unwanted, potentially dangerous interactions between them and the players or coaches. When fans and spectators are guided towards a recommended seating area, you control crowd flow and gathering places, keeping necessary traffic flow lanes open for safety and convenience.
  • Most fans would rather sit than stand. There will always be exciting moments that make fans jump, cheer, hoot and holler in a rowdy fit of unbridled enthusiasm. But in between those moments, they’d rather sit in anticipation. Providing aluminum bleachers for all those that wish to sit shows the community that you care about their comfort and want them to enjoy their time at your field. Don’t depend on everyone hauling their own chairs and blankets to the field and setting them up in the proper areas. Make sure they are sitting where you want them to sit by providing quality aluminum bleachers for their convenience.
  • Installed aluminum bleachers will provide your visitors with the best angles and sightlines for the action on the field. But to provide even better sightlines for your spectators, install elevated aluminum bleachers along the field. Higher, multiple levels of bleacher seating provide better overall viewing experiences, better sightlines, and better angles than having the crowds all at ground level straining to see around others in front of them.
  • To beat the summer heat, many facilities are now installing shade structures above their bleachers. This adds much extra comfort to families who need to sit through nine innings on a sweltering hot day.
  • Aluminum bleachers transform your venue from just a field for sports to a warmer, more inviting venue for people to get together, meet and cheer for a common team and goal. Aluminum bleachers provide a true gathering place for friends, family and community to root for and support their children and the children of neighbors and friends.

Comfortable fans stay longer and are happy citizens

When families are out and about, convenience is a premium. With additional planning, you can install aluminum picnic tables and benches throughout your complex or field layout so that families, friends and teammates will have a place to sit and enjoy a pre or post game bite to eat, or even a between game energy snack should you be involved in a lengthy tournament stay. Picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles will be appreciated by visitors and players alike.

With an overall participation increase of 7.7% in youth baseball and 8.1% in youth softball, statistics show what can happen when our youths have the means and facilities to enjoy team sports in either an organized fashion or just for recreational purposes.

There has been an ongoing push for increased participation, and indications are that this trend will continue. To do that, enough facilities will have to be available, and then, by logical thinking, more space for spectator seating will be needed to accompany these venues.

Make the right, and best choice for the safety and comfort of your fans, spectators and visitors by installing code compliant aluminum bleachers, either standard or elevated, from a reputable manufacturer and installer.

Written by Gerald Dlubala

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