26 Jul 2019

Aluminum Bleachers Are Perfect Solution For Increased Interest In Soccer

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aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers are the smart seating choices for sports fans.

Soccer is hot and getting hotter, and because of increased interest both as a player and as a spectator, there is an increased demand for playing venues as well as additional Aluminum Bleachers to accommodate the correlating increase in viewership.

Thanks to the recent success of the US Women’s National Soccer Team in the World Cup, soccer is on the minds of every sports fan, from the casual observer to the fanatical follower, to the children kicking their first ball around their yard or local school field.

Even the professional players acknowledge the sport’s growth, in both participation and in viewership.

What soccer player doesn’t imagine themselves in the same situation as the World Cup athletes, with time ticking down and the ball on their feet skillfully making their way towards the opposing goal?

Countless dreams of a superstar in the making occur because of the unmatched success of our women’s national team.

The US Women’s team is, in fact, the definition of success, holding the title of most successful team in international soccer, with 4 World Cup titles, 4 Olympic Games titles, 8 CONCACAF Gold Cups, and a gold medal in the 1999 Pan American Games.

And you, as the venue or recreational manager can be a superstar too. By making sure the soccer-crazed, fanatical crowds that are coming to cheer on the next, or current, soccer superstar has a safe, unobstructed, comfortable place to sit and watch the game, whistle to whistle.

That may involve adding to or replacing your current aluminum bleachers, and there has never been a better time to do it.

Soccer growth demonstrates need for Aluminum Bleachers

A 2018 Gallop poll indicated that the sport of soccer has captured 7% of Americans as their favorite spectator sport.

aluminum bleachers maintenance

A seemingly small set of aluminum bleachers can provide quite a bit of seating for spectators.

That may not sound like a lot, but compare it to baseball, commonly referred to as America’s pastime. That came in with 9% of the vote.

Now you can see the strength that soccer is building as an all-around, favorite spectator sport.

Major League Soccer (MLS) has also noticed a sharp rise in their viewership, with a 27% increase since 2012.

With annual league expansion rolling in over the next couple of years taking the current twenty-four team league to a thirty-team league, they expect that interest and viewership to keep rising.

This translates to more soccer fields to accommodate the demand from players at the beginner level up to and through the semi-pro and professional leagues. And along with all the new venues comes the need for additional quality spectator seating.

It’s up to the recreation managers to address and embrace this trend and make sure to provide the necessary amount of aluminum bleachers at the soccer parks, recreational fields, and any other places that may host a game or tournament.

It’s time to take the next step and add to or replace your aluminum bleachers to accommodate all potential spectators.

Standing or sitting on the sidelines in folding chairs, or on blankets, is not going to cut it as interest in soccer grows.

sports bleachers

Elevated aluminum bleachers with steps. All parts must fit properly to ensure spectator safety.

Aluminum Bleachers are a safe and rewarding investment

The addition of aluminum bleachers to your sports complex can be a major investment but with smart planning from a professional, it will pay off with increased usability and spectator attendance.

Aluminum bleacher seating has proven over the years to be the safest, longest-lasting and most economical type of mass seating available with the lowest amount of required maintenance. \

It makes good sense to incorporate aluminum bleachers and players benches into your sports venue or complex as a way to make sure your spectators and players are safe and comfortable.

There are distinct advantages to adding sports aluminum bleachers to your field or complex:

  • Aluminum bleachers can hold a great number of fans on even the smaller, inexpensive 3 or 4-row bleachers, depending on the length of the structure that you will use. From 3 rows up to 15 rows, aluminum bleacher structures placed along the sidelines of your fields will provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective seating for up to 274 spectators. The aluminum bleacher structure can be installed where needed to provide the best sightlines and viewing angles for the fans. Quality aluminum bleachers will be made of industrial-grade aluminum, complete with aisles, guardrails and double foot planks where needed.
  • If your venue or complex will be used for other sports as well, you may want to look into installing elevated bleachers. These sports bleachers combine all the qualities and advantages of traditional aluminum bleachers but with an elevated first row, creating a structure that will be situated for the most optimal viewing no matter what type of activity or sport is taking place on the field. No more trying to constantly look around that crowd in front of you to watch the game. Elevated sports bleachers provide the best sightlines.
  • To increase versatility, recreational and venue managers can also use transportable bleachers – the best choice and most durable option in easily moveable aluminum bleacher units. They include chain linking and guardrails for safety, are completely IBC compliant, and can be moved around the complex by using an approved mounting/transport kit. With portable aluminum bleachers, extra seating can be shifted around and located at the precise field location where needed using your own standard tractors but are not able to be transported along highways. They can be set up for optimum viewing angles for the preferred sport or event.
  • When adding aluminum bleachers to your site, you are directing spectators to the proper seating area for the event. They are not left to just sit wherever they want, setting up in your anticipated pedestrian traffic paths or too close to the sidelines and player areas, creating a hazard or being in danger of being injured (causing lawsuit options) or causing interference of some sort with the gameplay, the officials, or even the coaches and players. Having enough bleacher seats available allows everyone to have a safe place to sit and enjoy the game among others sharing a common interest.
  • When spectators and fans are sitting together in a common area, especially in a soccer atmosphere, the excitement level, noise and rowdiness ramps up, with boisterous cheering, synchronized foot-stomping, and everyone on edge anticipating a big play. You can bet that the players and coaches will recognize and appreciate this home-field advantage.

Aluminum bleachers have historically been the best seating choice for spectator sports. When situations arise that demand more seating capacity than you have available at your venue, it’s an easy and economical decision to add additional aluminum bleacher seating to satisfy this need. Aluminum bleacher units are available in different styles, lengths, and numbers of rows to accommodate the increased seating demands.

Most importantly, have your aluminum bleachers manufactured and installed by reputable and qualified professionals to be reliable, code compliant and worry-free.

By Gerald Dlubala




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