05 Sep 2018

Aluminum Bleachers Remain A Constant On The Wish Lists Of Recreation Managers According To Survey

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aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers continue to top the list for major upgrades planned by schools and facilities.

The purchase and installation of new or additional aluminum bleachers continues to be an important, highly desired item on the wish lists of many recreation managers that know the importance of safe, reliable, and quality spectator seating.

With the newest survey results out from Recreation Management magazine, the same strong results from last year’s report regarding budgets and construction-related spending continues to trend upward in 2018, signaling good news throughout the industry.

Forecast for projects, including new aluminum bleachers, is upbeat

Survey responses are gathered directly from the decision makers in the sports, recreation, and fitness industries. This year’s results prove to be optimistic, with expected increases in construction budgets and planning, revenues, and staff retention. Just over 45% of those decision makers expect revenue increases this year, with nearly the same numbers expected to continue through 2019.

And while 14.9% of respondents back in the 2012 survey predicted decreasing revenues, those numbers have been steadily improving every year to a current, best ever of only 5% forecasting a decline going into 2019.

From 2016 through the present, colleges reported the greatest increases in average construction budget, followed by schools and districts. Public organizations have shown the sharpest increase, at 28.7%, followed by private-for-profit facilities at a far behind 8.4%.

Schools continue to be the most common place to find aluminum bleachers. About 78% of schools and districts report they currently use aluminum bleachers, which have been shown to be the safest and most economical choice for spectator seating at their sports complexes, stadiums, and coinciding concession areas.

Parks and camps, according to the survey, are the most likely to add amenities this year. This is most likely due to reported aging facilities in need of repair, with community centers and colleges falling in line after them.

Bleachers prove useful in all recreation, sporting, and fitness areas

Over 59% of respondents indicated that their facilities currently include aluminum bleacher seating in some capacity, with playgrounds and outdoor sports venues naturally leading the way.

But aluminum bleachers, along with benches and picnic tables can be incorporated into almost every type of venue, as demonstrated by the different recreation, sports, and fitness venues that report using at least some form of these seating options within their facility.

  • Playgrounds 58.9%. Aluminum benches and picnic tables are a natural asset when situated near playgrounds. When a break is needed, or a parent or caretaker could use a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the day, what better way than to sit and spend that time on a nearby bench or picnic table while the children are playing. Even better if they can be located in the shade for a break from the weather as well.
  • Outdoor Sports Courts 58.4%. Aluminum bleachers are the best option for outdoor sports courts that hold sports competitions like basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, etc. While passing time as a spectator or waiting for your turn on the court, aluminum bleachers provide a place to watch, be involved, and be among others with the same interests as you, while also providing excellent sightlines of the action.
  • Locker Rooms 55.5%. Aluminum benches are a necessity in locker rooms, being used for changing clothes, holding gear bags, shower kits, or simply providing a quiet place to sit and reflect. Coaches appreciate a place away from the spectators where they can have pre or post game meetings with the team, and aluminum benches can stand up to the multiple uses involved in a locker room situation.
  • Natural Fields 53.7%. One of the most popular uses for aluminum bleachers are the regulation size outdoor fields, commonly used for baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, etc. With a larger number of players, the crowds will reflect that and be larger too. Aluminum bleachers have always been the safest, most economical, longest lasting choice for outdoor mass seating. While being able to handle your spectators, aluminum bleachers can also withstand repeated, constant use and year-round changing weather conditions.
  • Indoor Sports Courts 53.3%. Aluminum bleachers are also adaptable to indoor sporting situations, with options to fit your needs and space requirements. Folding, telescopic, and removable styles bring all of the same benefits and qualities of larger, permanent aluminum bleachers into your enclosed sports facility. Aluminum benches, tables, and scoring tables complete the look.
  • Open Areas 52.5%. Open areas, whether indoor or outdoor, tend to become gathering areas. You can encourage and designate gathering areas by making them visitor friendly with the installation of aluminum benches or picnic tables. You’ll be giving people a place to rest, linger and talk, or even have a place to eat lunch by providing welcoming aluminum amenities.
  • Classrooms and Meeting Rooms 59.2%. By nature, conference rooms, classrooms and meeting rooms need places for those involved to comfortably sit and spend time. Aluminum bleachers, benches and tables can be just the thing to keep the crowds organized in the space that you want them to be, rather than having them randomly around the room or center.

Budget and plan for aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers have been among the top desired and installed amenities over the years, and for good reason. While 41.5% of respondents had planned on adding various features over the past year, that number is expected to be just a bit higher into next year, with an expected increase to 43.1% of respondents planning on adding facility amenities through 2019.

With recreational, sporting and fitness facilities expecting to grow in use, those venues will likely see a corresponding increase in spectator and visitor numbers. Additionally, when the number of people rise, the area needed to accommodate the increase will need to be well organized and used efficiently to assure customer satisfaction, comfort, and safety.

Aluminum bleachers, benches, picnic tables, as shown by their repeated presence on these yearly wishlists, are annually listed as one of the favorite amenities for sports, recreation, and fitness facilities.

So, it makes sense for facilities like these to save or even make room in their budgets and future plans for the installation of quality, code compliant, aluminum bleachers, benches, and picnic tables.

And won’t it feel good when you get to check that item off of your wishlist?

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