05 Jul 2018

How To Prepare Your Aluminum Bleachers For The Fall And Winter Sports Seasons

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Get your aluminum bleachers ready for the crowds this fall!

Now is the time to prepare your aluminum bleachers for the upcoming fall and winter sports seasons.

Aluminum Bleachers are always the most economical solution for your mass seating needs, whether for inside or outside events.

Whether you’re hosting sporting events, youth camps, popular speakers, or outdoor movies and concerts, these events are all made better by experiencing them in the safety, accessibility, and comfort of code compliant aluminum bleachers.

And now is the time to start acting on the preventative maintenance, repairs, and quality upgrades, ensuring that your aluminum bleachers remain a great place for spectators to view the upcoming fall and winter season events like football and soccer, and maybe even an outdoor graduation and commencement ceremony.

Aluminum bleacher action items

There are several action items to consider now so that your aluminum bleachers can be ready to accommodate more fans while providing a more accessible, more comfortable, and safer seating environment.

  • ADA accessibility – Update the ADA accessibility of your aluminum bleachers by increasing the number and quality of ADA compliant seats, spaces, railings, ramps, and pathways throughout your aluminum bleacher structure. Using the guidelines for ADA accessibility, you can make sure to be compliant while providing increased safety and accessibility for all spectators.
  • Egress points – Improve egress points for more efficient entrance and exit processes. Make it easier to get to and from the bleachers and surrounding concessions, restrooms, and related amenities by making sure the stairways are wide enough and properly accompanied by code compliant railings, landings, and non-slip stair treads and walkways.
  • Add specialty areas- Provide specialized areas that will be used for organizations and groups like school bands, cheers squads, or the local press and video coaches. Designated platforms or seating areas can be used for organized rallies and performances, in-game performances or pre and post-game concerts. Additionally, with the increasing availability and use of streaming networks, press boxes can be installed or updated for recording, broadcasting and streaming of the game or event.
  • Walking platforms and bleacher decking –  If you are not happy with your standard aluminum bleacher decking due to the litter and trash falling through to the ground below, consider installing closed decking system which closes all openings, even under the seating, allowing easier cleanup from the top side of the bleachers instead of crawling around underneath the structure.
  • Update player benches and officials tables – Add or update the home and visiting team’s benches. Think about adding scorer’s tables, or a combination of tables and benches to be used as an administrative area, coaches area, or tournament management area.
  • Change the sightlines – A larger update, for sure, but if no one uses the first row or two of your aluminum bleacher structure because they just can’t see the action or the players on the field, maybe it’s time to switch from standard view bleachers to elevated aluminum bleachers. Elevated aluminum bleachers allow better field vision and much-improved sightlines. And along with the improved viewing experience, you’ll in effect be gaining seating since the lowest rows will now be used instead of vacant due to poor sightlines.
  • Would you use portable aluminum bleachers? Were you running out of available seating for the main rivalries or important games? That can be avoided by ordering and installing portable or temporary aluminum bleachers for use as additional seating when and where needed. They can handle the increased spectator loads while remaining portable and able to be moved around, used for multiple fields or for changing the seating configuration when needed for different sports and field alignments. Better sightlines and improved field management will be the result.
  • Bleacher amenities to complement your venue – Make your aluminum bleachers better by installing amenities around them. You may be satisfied with your aluminum bleachers. That’s great, so now you can add amenities that will make the spectator experience all that much better. Picnic tables placed around the concession areas and park benches strategically installed in needed areas, like near restrooms or child play areas when available, can make a world of difference for the visitor. Ease of use always makes spectators more likely to have good memories and return to your venue. Waste receptacles near concession areas and general walking paths and outdoor ashtrays in designated smoking areas will also help with litter and waste containment, making cleanup easier while at the same time keeping your venue and aluminum bleacher seating cleaner and more aesthetically attractive.
  • Home field advantage – Make your venue a true home field by considering the addition of your school and team colors to the home side of your aluminum bleacher seating. Installation of aluminum bleachers that are powder coated to match the home team colors will make your bleachers pop, add weather protection, and add a definite home-field advantage. If you already have quality, code compliant aluminum bleachers installed, you can add that color by installing bleacher covers, available in primary colors with an option for custom coloring should you need it. While adding to the field aesthetics, bleacher covers can help with weather protection and comfort.

Make your aluminum bleacher upgrades a community venture

Updating aluminum bleachers can be a community affair. The funds needed to pay for the updates can be at least partially raised using a variety of fundraisers, boosters, or a host of bleacher related advertising and support opportunities.

One shining example of this can be seen with the improvements made by the Garfield School District in Garrettsville, Ohio. Through a well thought out plan incorporating fundraising, public awareness, corporate and public funding, and a willingness to put forth the effort, the Garfield Schools were able to make many upgrades to their aging, unsafe, and limited accessibility aluminum bleachers.

Through fundraising alone, Garfield Schools were able to complete their first goal, which was correcting safety issues regarding player safety and the visitors’ bleachers

The next phase, nearly 60% funded by community fundraisers and lottery type, fifty-fifty drawings, helped provide for the installation of new, ADA compliant aluminum bleachers, providing much-needed accessibility for everyone coming to the school venue.

This important upgrade includes code compliant amenities designed for all visitors, including safety rails, wheelchair ramps, and safer, enclosed decking.

Spectator sightlines were dramatically improved by installing elevated style aluminum bleachers over the standard, ground level aluminum bleachers.

Additionally, the press box was updated with improved accessibility with the addition of two points of egress. A specialized platform was added on to the press box as well, built to accommodate the increased use of video recording. Other updates included the electrical system and seasonal weather protection

Aluminum bleacher maintenance, repair, and upgrades are easier to get done during times of little or no regularly scheduled use. For many, that means the summer months. It is important to use this time to look at your aluminum bleacher structures and surrounding amenities to determine which areas need maintenance and repair and come up with a plan of action.

But it’s also the best time to analyze where upgrades to aluminum bleachers or adding new sports bleachers can be used to increase safety, accessibility, comfort, and aesthetics.

Written by Gerald Dlubala


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