02 May 2018

Bleacher Shade Covers Protect Fans And Create A More Pleasant Viewing Experience On Aluminum Bleachers

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aluminum bleachers

Adding new aluminum bleachers such as these that were recently installed by the Village of Palm Springs in Florida is at the top of many facility wish lists.

Bleachers shade covers for your aluminum bleachers and outdoor seating areas are hot, and that’s a good thing, since those same shade structures are manufactured to keep your aluminum bleachers cool and protect patrons against overexposure.

It’s a fact that our summers are getting hotter. And even though we need that Vitamin D from sun exposure for things including our bone strength, weight management, and overall mental well being, we certainly don’t need the excessive UV rays that accompany overexposure to the sun.

Overexposure can happen without warning, and includes all the time spent in and around aluminum bleachers and benches for sporting events, outdoor concerts and festivals, or just hanging out around the playground.

And as we learn more about the sun’s effects on our bodies, particularly skin cancer, it makes more sense to offer your patrons a place to escape the direct sun while at your facility or venue. Shade covers for aluminum bleachers are a smart, health-conscious, and highly appreciated addition to your park or venue.

Benefits of bleachers shade covers at your field or venue

  • Basic Shelter From Exposure. The biggest benefit in installing a shade structure is protection from the dangerous UV rays resulting from our direct exposure to the sun during our increasingly hotter summer weather. According to the CDC, overexposure to UV rays has been known to cause eye and skin related damage, including skin cancer. Because the CDC firmly believes that most (over 90%), of this type of damage is preventable, they have put out their own guidelines for shade planning in schools, so as to build good, healthy habits early in life. Depending on the materials used in the manufacturing of the shade structures, they can be just as functional in protection from rain, snow, and any other precipitation while viewing an outdoor event under less than perfect circumstances. Used over aluminum bleacher seating, picnic stables, or playground areas, shade structures provide relief from oppressive outdoor conditions during extended outdoor activity.
  • Taking the “hot” out of hot seat. Aluminum bleachers, as well as other metal structures, will retain heat when exposed to direct sunlight for long hours. While aluminum bleacher seat covers can help minimize this, another or additional option is for shade covers to be used over the aluminum bleacher seating. Bleachers shade covers can be the perfect addition to the standard 3, 4, 5 or 10-row aluminum bleachers. The hands, fingers, and feet of both toddlers and adults can be at risk for injury should they come in contact with metal surfaces that have gotten hot from direct sun exposure. Whether it’s climbing and crawling around the seating in the aluminum bleachers as children will do, or reaching, grabbing, and sitting on the metal surfaces of playground equipment and picnic areas, hot metal surfaces can cause a problem, sometimes even rendering the area useless while exposed to direct, extended hours of strong sunshine. Bleachers shade covers will protect all users from unexpected encounters with hot surfaces.
  • Asset Protection. Safety for your patrons is always the first priority. But shade structures help protect your assets as well. Those UV rays will damage your property just as easily as they can harm our skin. Installing shade structures over your park equipment can help resist the fading and deterioration of surface areas and structural components, extending the usable life of site furnishings, playground and dog park equipment, or picnic benches in designated seating areas.
  • Protection of on-field personnel. Don’t forget about the players, participants, or event speakers. Bleacher shade covers can be used over player benches, judges and scorers tables, and even over the main stage at outdoor events. While these participants have no choice but to be out in their designated areas, they can be protected from exposure by shade structures as well as those in attendance to watch the event.
  • More Comfortable Concession And Gathering Areas. Any places where people tend to congregate, such as concession stands or areas including picnic tables and benches are a prime location for shade structure installation to protect against exposure and provide relief while increasing the comfort level of patrons.
  • More Outdoor Time. Because shade structures keep what’s beneath them cooler and help prevent overexposure to UV rays, those in attendance can stay outside longer. While sitting in aluminum bleachers or benches along playgrounds, quality outdoor time can be extended in venues that offer the benefit of shade structures

Annual grants available for critical bleacher shade cover installation

Annually celebrated on the first Monday of May, which is May 7th of this year, National Melanoma Monday hopes to bring awareness to the hazards of overexposure to the sun. Current estimates by the American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD) are that 1 in 5 people will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Melanoma is the most common form in young adults aged 25 through 29, and the second most common form in adolescents and young adults aged 15 through 29.

The AAD provides an annual grant, up to $8000, to several schools, non-profits, and organizations across the country for shade structure installation through part of their SPOT Skin Cancer campaign, which increases the awareness of skin cancer through public awareness, community outreach programs, and other services that promote the detection, prevention and care of skin cancer.

Burns Park in North Little Rock was one of the recipients from 2017, and chose to add five new shade structures thanks to monies donated from the Arkansas Foundation for Skin Cancer in collaboration with the grants offered through AAD’s Shade structure Program. The structures were dedicated on Melanoma Monday of last year, and will serve more than 300 fans a week at the soccer complex. The Burns Park fields host an average of 500 games and 700 practices over a traditional nine-month season.

To see the list of this year’s recipients, and grant instructions and guidelines, visit the AAD’s Shade Structure Program. The grant requests are typically requested in the fall for he next calendar year.

Outdoor shade structures protect against skin damage caused by UV exposure

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, with cases numbering above the total of all other cancers combined. And 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers are attributed to exposure to UV rays from the sun. The annual cost of treating skin cancers in the US is estimated at $8.1 billion.

Additionally, the sun is credited with causing 90 percent of our skin aging, and while using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher can cut the aging process, it is wise to remember that the skin aging process due to sun damage is cumulative.

Bleachers shade cover installation is recommended by the AAD, especially in the hotter climates of our southern states. By offering your patrons protection from the sun while they spend time in your aluminum bleachers, you’re giving them the opportunity to have a quality experience while also looking out for their health.

Note: Call 1-877-960-0568 or request a quote. We have a large selection of top-grade, removable bleacher shade covers you can install over your aluminum bleachers.





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