20 Jun 2019

Suggestions For Preparing Bid Documents For Aluminum Bleachers

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aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers with handrail and protective fencing.


After you have decided to purchase aluminum bleachers for your venue, it’s time to prepare the bid documents in order to solicit and acquire verified and completed bids for your project.

Once your organizational goals are solidified, your aluminum bleacher budget is approved, and the overall vision of installing, replacing or adding bleacher seating is agreed upon, it’s time to look at the project in greater depth, which means completing the paperwork for the bid documents.

A bid document is part of an overall, managed, procurement process, essentially being a detailed, written outline serving all involved by providing a guide to help secure proposals from potential suppliers for your specific project as well as laying out processes for the project.

Bid documents contain many parts, including descriptions of products to be purchased as well as the services related to the procurement of that product. The same bid document can be used for all potential suppliers in an effort to compare responses under the same guidelines, making it easier to select the best supplier for your project.

The bid document includes items like bid forms, phase and site specifications and timelines, charts, drawings and renderings, price breakdowns and more. By using a quality bid document, you can immediately rule out and reject any bids that come in missing the documents or information you designated as required on the basis of being incomplete.

Gathering critical information for your Aluminum Bleachers bid document

Bid documents are important, detailing information ranging from the concept of the installation through instructions about specifically required information and notice for potential bidders

Including the timelines of processes, desired schedules, and eventual completion of the job.

There are steps to take and details to include in preparing bid documents in order to make your project needs as clear, detailed and specific as possible.

The bid documents are generally created by certified and well-qualified planning personnel, including any architects, engineering professionals, and landscape personnel that are involved in your project. By including licensed and certified professionals in your bid document preparation, you are more likely to obtain bids from qualified contractors that are a match for your specific project criteria.

Additionally, when properly prepared, bid documents serve as not only a guideline for the successful installation and completion of the installation of your aluminum bleachers but they also serve as protection for all involved by laying out the types of procedures that will be followed should any unforeseen or unexpected issues pop up throughout the installation process.

Important topics included in the bid document include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Any bonding requirements
  • Specification of the exact product, in this case, aluminum bleachers, that you are having installed in your venue
  • Proper identification of the location and orientation of your aluminum bleacher installation
  • Any designated location or site testing criteria
  • Any local permits and licenses that are needed for the project, from beginning through completion
  • Any necessary installer certifications and licenses needed before starting the project
  • Copies of manufacturer and installer warranty/guarantee policy
  • Copies of overall safety processes, criteria, and obligations to be followed throughout the installation process
  • Included product and material certifications
  • The process to substitute products and/or materials, including the procedures that are to be followed before any substitutions are allowed
  • Plans for any changes in work scope processes
  • Copies of any special site requirements affecting the installation or construction processes, including any special legal considerations and obligations of the aluminum bleacher installation
  • Calendar of projected dates and checkpoints to track progress and ultimate installation timeliness, including the process and time frame for final inspections
  • Wage and labor expectations and timelines
  • Payment requirements, including dates or milestones. To lay out payment details and requirements. To clearly lay out the wages to be paid and the manner and time frames in which they will be dispersed
  • The process for claims or disputes that may arise
  • Insurance and liability requirements
  • Cleanup and waste removal guidelines and responsibilities
  • Any other special or unique processes, inclusions or installation instructions that are not typical to this sort of project

Proper bid documents make screening easier, less stressful and less time consuming

One final and very valuable use of bid documents is the screening process for those applicants that are bidding to be your aluminum bleacher Installer.

Once your bidding documents are completed and ready to be viewed, responses from potential suppliers of aluminum bleacher will be available for your review. Although cost is always a factor when choosing a vendor there are other factors and considerations that warrant your attention.

  • Are the aluminum bleachers IBC compliant? When purchasing aluminum bleachers for public use, you need a manufacturer that complies with International Building Codes, providing the necessary requirements to make your aluminum bleacher structure safe regarding the public health, safety and general welfare of the users and occupants
  • Insist on an approved friction traction rating for your aluminum bleacher areas that will come in contact with foot traffic, reducing the risk of injury and lawsuit
  • Look for a company with a track record of quality years in business completing the same types of projects that you are having done
  • Review and research other similar installations from the company in question
  • Preference can be given to companies that use their own installers versus outside contractors? Sometimes it’s a smart decision to use quality, experienced aluminum bleacher installation specialists. Outside contractors may have worked in similar situations, but may not be familiar with or willing/able to follow the necessary guidelines or instructions pertaining to your project. Plus, there are scheduling constraints to consider as well. And, always plan for delays caused by weather. Bleacher installation specialists who are familiar with the product can get those bleachers up quickly.

The bid and bid document processes are important, and it is critical to understand how and why a properly developed bid document helps to ensure the products are received as expected and the work is done appropriately, safely and timely.

Bid documents will help you immensely by gathering and supplying you with information from bidders that will meet your expectations while also providing a roadmap for all parties to follow through the aluminum bleacher procurement process.

By preparing your bid documents to be detailed and specific to your needs, it is much easier for reliable manufacturers of aluminum bleachers to complete the job to your specifications while meeting your approval.

By Gerald Dlubala




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