Bleacher Frames

Item # Length Price
AB-200-1007 6'L (3 Row) $214.00 / ea
AB-200-1004 6'L (4 Row) $267.00 / ea
AB-200-1009 18'L (3 Row) $470.00 / ea
AB-200-1006 18'L (4 Row) $579.00 / ea
AB-200-1002 12'L (5 Row) $587.00 / ea
AB-200-1003 18'L (5 Row) $798.00 / ea
AB-200-1030 Board Splice Plates (5 Row) $142.00 / ea

Got a tight budget? Can’t afford aluminum bleachers, or just don’t like them? Take a look at our bleacher frames. They’re easy to use and assemble.

You just need to supply the wood planks for seats and you have an easy-to-use low-cost bleacher system (planking fasteners included). (Check local codes for rail requirements on any bleacher system you use).

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