10 Row Elevated Bleachers

Item # Length Price
AB-129-10E-21 21'L (10 Row) $24066 / ea
AB-129-10E-27 27'L (10 Row) $28898 / ea
AB-129-10E-33 33'L (10 Row) $33918 / ea

Our 10 row elevated aluminum bleacher systems allows for convenient spectator access to all tiers with an aisle. Not only does the elevation allow spectators to have a superior view, but are they are manufactured with high-quality anodized aluminum helping it function and endure the weather for many years. All our bleachers meet international building code requirements; we build bleachers for safety. The seating can vary depending on lenth of bleacher ordered. Seating capacity ranges from 54-94.

Elevated aluminum bleachers are a perfect solution for football, baseball, soccer and other events that require the viewer to be at a higher elevation than the field. These bleachers will always include the same features as our standard non-elevated bleachers but they also have entry stairs, front walkways, and aisles with handrails.

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