Raider Nation Fans Will Soon Find Themselves Yelling From A Whole New Set Of Bleachers in Las Vegas

By Gerald Dlubala The Oakland Raiders of the NFL announced their intention to move Raider nation and all those diehard, costume-wearing fans in the bleachers from their dual use stadium in Oakland to a new home in the glittering pastures of Las Vegas. The team set in motion their plans to build a $1.9 billion,.. read more →

Adding Aluminum Bleachers Where There Are None

  By Gerald Dlubala Conversations from the fans at athletic complexes not offering aluminum bleachers for visitors to use during the games generally involve discussions and decisions on all the main topics. “So, where do you wanna sit? Right here, on the end, or down there? Do you wanna be close to the team, or.. read more →

MLB Takes a Chunk of Ground and Turns it Into a Special Ball Field for Troops and Their Families

Recently Major League Baseball wanted to express a giant “THANK YOU” to our soldiers and accomplished this is a BIG WAY by building an entirely new sports facility with aluminum bleachers, electronic scoreboard and Bermuda grass. In essence, they created a real life “Field of Dreams.” But this field was not created by mowing down.. read more →

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